Not everyone has the means to listen to records anymore, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting tossed by the wayside anytime soon. Records are timeless, and they’ll live on even after their musical purpose has come to an end. Merely hanging a record on your wall makes a hip decoration. But you can be more creative than that!

1. Music coffee table

With minimal work, you can easily make a custom vintage coffee table. This will be is a great way to make a fun statement and show off your DIY skills.

You will need: A basket, a few old vinyl records and some silicone glue.

Everyone has old beat-up vinyls collecting dust in our parents’ basement, right? Many thanks to my grandma who gave those to me, they are so pretty and colorful, they are awesome!

Along with looking good, why not also make the coffee table useful not just as a surface to place your things on, but as a functional storage piece to place your things in?

I LOVE IT! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE this table! And I'm very very happy and proud with this DIY project. It was a very easy project compared to the kitchen backsplash wall and I did it in like 15 min.

2. Wall art

Well, that's not useful at all :D It's just something that you can hang on a wall, but I love it! It's a cool and fun idea!

Here is what you will need:

And you already have something new! I hope you got the rhyme ;)


The blue thing is a hook from Ikea - 3lv. I put it upside down :D

3. Vinyl record clock

Turn an old scratched record into a truly unique gift idea or a special item for your living room with just a bit of creativity and a few extra bits and pieces.

That's the coolest thing I've done so far! I adore it! I saw the idea at IKEA but the clock was too expensive so I decided that I will do a DIY project. I thought that my idea is a unique one, that nobody thought of this. Then I googled ''a vinyl record clock'' and I found 48 000 results and pictures with all kinds of vinyl record clocks...  Can you believe this? As someone will say here in Bulgaria: ''You won't invent the hot water! People already did that.''

But nevermind I still like this cute DIY project and I am very proud of it :))))

Here is what happened:

I broke an old clock :D

And then I make a brand new vinyl record clock using the parts of the old one. Quick and simple ;)

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